Jowee Omicil

Multi instrumentalist-composer-educator-producer Jowee Omicil brings a novel and distinctly Afro-Haitian perspective to his music. He’s part of a growing cadre of Caribbean-descended artists bringing new flavors to the creative music spectrum. Jowee possesses a distinctive, soulful and spiritual sound on saxophones and flutes that extends to his clarinet and harmonica ventures, and he seeks collaboration for creative sustenance as well as bringing his unique skills to diverse settings. Collaborators and artists with whom he’s played mirror his broad approach to music-making, and include Tony Allen (Fela)Kenny Garrett, Roy Hargrove, Richard Bona, Wyclef Jean, Branford Marsalis, Marcus Miller, Pharoah Sanders, Mike Stern, and Jeff ‘Tain’ Watts, to name a few and he has performed myriad concerts in esteemed performance venues, arenas, and festivals across Europe, Africa, Canada, the United States, and more.

Not satisfied with crafting mere blowing vehicles for aimless improvising, Jowee invests deeper meanings in the original compositions he records. The multi-cultural dimension of his Roots & Grooves album personifies this, and engages musicians and sonic landscapes from four continents. This carries over to his latest release on Jazz Village/PIAS entitled Let’s BasH, which showcases a global A-list ensemble featuring Justwody Cereyon (acoustic bass); Jean-Philippe Dary (piano); Jeffrey Deen (percussion); Nenad Gajin (guitar); Jonathan Jurion (piano); Kona Khasu (electric & acoustic bass); Jendah Manga (electric bass); Emmanuel Bertholo Tilo (drums/vocals/percussion); Leonor de Haro (clarinet). Jowee also has two other earlier records, Let's Do This, and NAKED; his fifth album Love Matters [PIAS] will be released fall 2018. He is endorsed by Selmer and Vandoren Paris.


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